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Talking Governor John Kasich with Mike Gonidakis of Ohio Right to Life

In this special election broadcast, Tim talks with Mike Gonidakis of Ohio Right to Life about the candidate who is the self-described "adult in the room" when it comes to the 2016 race for the presidency, Governor John Kasich. Unlike every other election discussion, this interview avoids getting sucked into the Trump vortex and instead focuses on Kasich's faith and record as governor. After the interview, Tim then attempts to explain the Trump phenomenon and how this election is changing the criteria for selecting a candidate.

June 9 - Final Episode, Simplifying Life…

In this final episode of Life360 with Tim Jacobs, Tim explains the reason for the decision to go on an indefinite hiatus. The demands a full-time senior pastor position, plus being a dad to three kids and husband to one wife have led to the decision to simplify life at this time. However, there are still some hard hitting subjects covered in this episode, as well as many other shows with interviews and commentary available below. If you'd like to connect with Tim, please email him at, or find him on Facebook at Thanks for your support!

April 7 - The Indiana RFRA with Professor Garret Epps

Tim talks with Garret Epps, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Baltimore, who wrote a piece in the Atlantic about the implications of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. While the discussion is cordial (first time guests to the show are always given the benefit of the doubt!), Tim clearly takes issue with the fact that those who support this law do so because of their "dislike" of homosexuals as well as other key points of Epps' article.

March 31 - All About That Tomb

It's the Easter edition of Life360 with Tim Jacobs, and Tim asks the question: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Because if he didn't, according to 1 Corinthians 15, the entire Christian religion is a joke. So what do you believe? Tim presents the evidence for the resurrection and makes the point that the alternatives are harder to believe than the actual resurrection claim itself.

March 24 - Lifting Kids Out of Poverty with Melissa Holdaway

Everyone talks about eliminating poverty, but how do you really do that? Tim talks with CEO and Co-Founder of Arizona Charter Academy, Melissa Holdaway, about her vision of breaking the generational cycle of poverty through education. Far from giving low-income kids an excuse, Melissa challenges them to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and succeed at whatever they set out to accomplish. You do not want to miss this interview.

March 17 - Walking Down the Logical Path to Christianity

Tim explains a process he has used many times to very naturally explain the veracity of Christianity to anyone in a conversational setting. He talks about a time he convinced a New Age woman on a plane to believe in Jesus on the way to Nepal with this sort of strategy. Listen to this podcast and see what you think.

March 10 - Yep, Church is Cancelled!

Many people think that "church" is going the way of the newspaper and the horse and buggy - outdated, unnecessary, and irrelevant. But the truth is, more churches are being planted than are being closed, and the ones really growing are those that have a clear Biblical message and making a difference in their community. In this episode Tim interviews three volunteers who are leading "Inside Out" - an event that consists of shutting down Compass Church in Goodyear, AZ, on a Sunday morning and unleashing the congregation out into the community to do acts of service all over the place.

March 3 - Netanyahu’s Speech and How Israel Has Blessed the World

The little strip of of land along the Mediterranean the size of New Jersey has been, and will continue to be, at the center of the world's attention. In light of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's powerful speech before Congress, Tim talks about the prophetic, political, and economic powerhouse that is Israel and their critical place in the world.

February 24 - Be a Sheepdog: The Interview with Lt Col Dave Grossman

If you saw the movie American Sniper, then you remember the difference between a "sheep, a wolf, and a sheepdog." This terminology was coined by Lt Col Dave Grossman in his book, On Killing and his subsequent work, On Combat. This was a fascinating conversation about the psychological affect of violence and how it is threatening the safety of our society. Col Grossman now teaches Sheepdog Seminars all over the country, training churches, schools, and other organizations on how to protect themselves from increasingly violent world.

February 17 - Pastors off the Record

Tim interviews two pastors from Compass Church, Mike Szoradi and Gabe Legaspi, about life, God, marriage, and manhood. Many people think pastors are nothing but old guys with an outdated message who are out of touch with the "real world." But Gabe and Mike, both in their early 30's, represent the next generation of pastors who are walking the talk. Listen to their stories of faith, redemption, and hope as they live out their calling as husbands, fathers, and pastors.

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