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February 10 - Same-Sex Marriage and an Interview with Susan Meissner

Alabama is the next state to approve same-sex marriage, and Tim makes the case that we as a nation never bothered to really think deeply about this issue as a nation before rushing to redefine marriage. The second part of the show is an interview with the very popular and prolific novelist Susan Meissner. Susan joins Tim to talk about her new book, Secrets of a Charmed Life, a great read and/or a perfect Valentine's gift for the lady in your life.

February 3 - Greg Koukl and How to Answer Hard Questions

Greg Koukl, founder and president of Stand to Reason ministries, joins Tim to discuss how to answer common questions Christians are asked such as, "Who are you to say your religion is right?" and "Why are you Christians so intolerant?" By using the "Columbo" method of asking questions and reversing the burden of proof, it becomes much easier to point out the lack of clarity in the questioner and then have a more meaningful conversation. The rest of the show is a discussion about a different way to engage people in the public square which is rather, well, hideous.

January 27 - NDE’s and Pastor-Turned-Atheist Ryan Bell

Tim interviews Mark Galli, editor of Christianity Today, about the controversy surrounding The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. Are Near Death Experiences (NDE's) true and if so, what should we think about them? The second half-hour Tim interviews Ryan Bell of about how he, as a pastor, left Christianity to become an atheist. There are so many issues packed in this one hour show... it's one that will definitely leave your head spinning!

January 20 - Forgiveness and Why Making Money Is Good

Tim talks with Brad Johnson, author of The Four Laws of Forgiveness, about how to give and receive forgiveness. Brad shares his own journey of discovering God's grace and moving past shame. The second half of the show is a lesson in economics that makes the case that money in the hands of good people (as opposed to the government) makes the world a better place.

January 13 - Learn to be a Real Man with Stephen Mansfield

New York Times bestselling author Stephen Mansfield joins Tim to talk about his book, Mansfield's Book of Manly Men, and the whole subject of manliness in our culture. Mansfield has thought deeply and written passionately about what makes a true man and how every man can become what he was created to be.

January 6 - Refugees and Atheism

Tim catches up with the LIfe360 with Tim Jacobs Official Middle East Correspondent, John Cook, on efforts to alleviate the Christian refugee crisis resulting from the rise of ISIS. The show continues with a discussion about a former pastor-turned-atheist and how important behavior is to belief.

December 30 - Go BIG in 2015!

Tim unveils the "Heavy Theological Reflections" segment and talks candidly about Heaven and Hell. Also, a recent article in the Telegraph suggests that 2014 may be one of the best years in all of human history. But is that true? Isn't it more fun (and more responsible) to believe we're all teetering on the edge of disaster, rather than the fact that we may be living in the Golden Age? Christians should keep the glass half full and be fearless in risking, expanding, and growing as we "subdue" this great planet God has given us!

December 25 - What Blows Me Away About Christmas

Your heart will be encouraged as Tim explains the significance of the fact that shepherds are among the first to be told of the birth of Jesus by the angels. When they sing "Glory to God in the highest of heaven" could it have also been because they themselves were moved by the heart of God to share the good news with the "least of these" in society? This short 15-minute segment also features special guest Cambria Jacobs, who reads several passages of Scripture.

December 23 - Interview with Kamal Saleem

Self-proclaimed Islamic terrorist turned born-again Christian Kamal Saleem, co-author of the new thriller The Coalition, comes on the show to talk about the reality of "stealth jihad" in the United States. Saleem explains the mindset and strategies of jihadists living in the U.S. who are slowly but steadily gaining ground in places of influence. This riveting 30-minute interview opens up all kinds of issues that the mainstream media is conveniently ignoring.

December 16 - Should Christians be Okay with Torture?

Should Christians be okay with torture if done for the “right” reasons? Tim says yes, but his guest, Dr. Angela Swan, Professor of Criminal Justice at Grand Canyon University, attempts to change his mind. You've got to hear this engaging, lively discussion about how a Christian should see the issue of torture.

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